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School Policies

Academic Honesty Policy

Bethune Middle School expects students to do their own homework, to test without using unauthorized help and to submit original work for all assignments. We expect students will not cheat. Students are to deny all requests to copy class work, homework and tests.

Students shall not misrepresent test materials, research information, and class work and/or homework assignments as their own.  Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Turning in any work, or part thereof, that is not the student’s own work
  • Using electronic devices to cheat, including but not limited to looking up, photographing, recording or texting information
  • Copying another student’s or author’s work or class assignment
  • Allowing another student to copy your work or your assignment
  • Putting your name on another student’s paper/project/work
  • Using a “cheat sheet” or any unauthorized piece of writing on a quiz/test
  • Giving another student help on an individual quiz/test
  • Using any material from the internet without proper citation and appropriate credit
  • Tampering with the teacher’s grade records or tests (this offense is suspendable or expellable)
  • Stealing and/or selling quizzes or exams (this offense is suspendable or expellable)

The classroom teacher is responsible for determining if cheating has occurred.

First Offense

  • Zero on assignment/test
  • Teacher to contact parent
  • Referral to administration for entry into student record

Second Offense

  • Zero on assignment/test and U in citizenship given by the teacher
  • Parent meeting with teacher and administration
  • Referral to administration and entry into student record

Third (or any other subsequent) Offense

  • Zero on assignment/test and U in citizenship given by the teacher
  • Parent meeting with administration


Students’ Dress Code and Grooming Policy


There appears to be a definite relationship between appropriate dress, good work habits, and proper school behavior. Recognizing the relationship between personal dress and personal attitude, students are encouraged to dress in a manner that demonstrates pride both in themselves and in their school.


The following guidelines shall apply to attendance at school and all school activities and events:


Students are expected to be neat, clean and appropriately attired for school. 


Pajamas are not allowed at school, unless an approved spirit day.


Shoes appropriate for school activities must be worn at all times. Closed toe and closed back shoes are to be worn at all times.  No slippers or house shoes or shoes with high heels are allowed.  Students must have proper shoes for PE (Crocs, Toms, Uggs and ballet flats are not proper shoes) and students will earn a non-dress for the day if proper footwear is not worn. Non-dress days may adversely affect students’ grades. 


Clothes shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times. See-through fabrics, sheer, fishnet fabrics (clothing with large holes), halter tops, off the shoulder, low cut tops, and bare midriffs are not allowed. See through shirts may be worn over t-shirts that meet dress code. Tank tops should be approximately 1” wide at the shoulder to cover undergarments.


Undergarments may not be visible (i.e. boys – underwear/boxers; girls – bras, undershirts or underwear).


Sagging and/or baggy pants are not to be worn. Pants need to be properly fitted and/or worn with a belt. Pants may not drag on or touch the ground. 


Dress, accessories and jewelry which contain obscene symbols, signs or slogans, and/or which slur or degrade on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, sex, disability or sexual orientation, contain language or symbols supporting sex, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, and impose a threat of imminent violence or disruption to the orderly operation of the school shall not be worn.


No hats, hoods, or beanies may be worn indoors for both boys and girls.  


Students’ faces and ears must be fully visible.  Masks are not allowed.The principal, staff, students and parents/guardian at each school may establish reasonable dress and grooming regulations for times when students are engaged in extra-curricular or other special school activities.


Students appearing on school grounds in violation of the dress code will be counseled and given loaner clothes to wear or, as appropriate, parents deliver a change of clothing.  


A student who willfully and continuously violates the dress code may be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to detention or a suspension from school.



Dress Code Violation Consequences

1st Violation:

  1. Student changes clothes (loaner clothes are provided if necessary).
  2.  Documented in Misis.

2nd Violation:

  1. Student changes clothes (loaner clothes are provided if necessary).
  2. Documented in Misis.
  3. Parent is called and notified.

3rd Violation:

  1. Student changes clothes (loaner clothes are provided if necessary).
  2. Documented in Misis.
  3. Parent is called and notified.
  4. Student assigned detention .

4th Violation:

  1.  Student changes clothes (loaner  clothes are provided if necessary).
  2.  Documented in Misis.
  3.  Parent is called and notified.
  4.  Student assigned detention
  5. Student can and may be served with out of school suspension for continued willful defiance per CA Education Code, Section 48900(k).