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Colts Team Members


Who Are We???

(Left to Right) Mr Huey-World History  Ms. Adajar-Mathematics  Ms Hinds-Health/Life Science  Ms. Breland-English/Language Arts

COLTS Motto: Luck has nothing to do with our success!

A Team...

§At Bethune MS, every student is in a team. 
§Our team, the Colts, consists of 4 core subject teachers and approximately 150 students. 
§Our team structure provides an opportunity for a more focused and smaller learning community to support a student’s social, emotional, and academic needs…the whole child. 
§The learning accomplished in each core subject area is connected, so that students can see applications and relationships between the subject areas.
§Because teams of core content teachers share the same group of students, teams make it easier for parents to meet with more than one teacher to discuss their student’s progress.
§Parents can get a better idea of how their student performs across the core content classes.


Perfect Attendence
Academic Excellence
Academic Excellence
Academic Excellence
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