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Math Department

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Kahn Academy is Free


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Math Assessment Project


History of Math Symbols


Banned Numbers


Pythagorean theorem made simple





Math Teachers Who Rock!


Ms. Adajar - 7th           - 8th 


Mr. Green - 7th             - 8th


 - 7th         Mr. Reyes - 8th 


 Ms. Soto - 7th             - 8th


 - 7th              Ms. Vasquez - 8th


     Mr. Gonzalez Rosales - EL 7th & 8th


     -  7th & 8th

      Mr. Harris - Self Contained 7th & 8th


Mr. Ngwoke - RSP 

Ms. Christian - RSP


Math & Logic Problems

Are you smarter than an 7th/8th grader? Click the pic and answer the questions


Math Tips


Logic Riddles


Math Riddle


CA Math - Alignment



8 Math Practices


Local District South



Free 1 Year Membership for Teachers

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